Myatt comments on Friday night’s 200 presented by CCC&TI at Tri-County Motor Speedway:

To sum up my night, I made a mistake. I got up on the wheel and the brakes too hard getting into the corner. That got me loose and up into Deac Mccaskill. It was my fault entirely. While I do try my best to get all that I can out of my car, I am not perfect. I make mistakes. But that’s what makes me better, not better in the sense of better than anyone else. But bettering myself. I always try to improve. Because even if I am fast sometimes, I can still make mistakes. I did that tonight. I always want to race clean but sometimes when trying to bite off all I can, I grab too much. So, sorry, to my guys, and Deac’s guys and himself. No one deserves that. I’ll learn off of this and improve for next time. Other than that incident. I had a fairly good night. I was battling for the lead before falling back. And then I passed up from 12th all the way to 4th. So a good points night. As well as night full of lessons. But that’s what this is about. I will always try to better myself and not make those kinds of mistakes anymore. Proud of my guys for giving me a great car. And I’d like to thank Deac for racing me clean. I promise I’ll return the favor the rest of the season, and other time I’m racing with him. #2Crew


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